Phoenix ProjectThe Heart and Soul of the effort to create a New and Vibrant Saint Joseph’s College is the Phoenix Project.

Staffed by a diverse group of dedicated professionals who all share a passion for the Legacy of the College whose roots began from the Indian Normal School founded by St. Katharine Drexel, this group, named the Phoenix Team by Fr Barry Fischer, currently reside in the original building that St. Katharine built.

 Meeting the needs of the student of the 21st century while building a business model that allows for positive revenue and growth is a daunting challenge and The Team is already meeting with other Institutions, Local Business and Government Leaders, and the many Talented Alumni that all share our passion for Saint Joe as well as the belief that a lifelong process of education and growth is a fundamental need in our region and our country.

We realize that we cannot do it alone.

To build a future Saint Joseph’s College, it will take participation, cooperation, passion, and most importantly, contributions, from all walks of life.  From the future student investing their hard-earned dollars in order to achieve their career goals, expand their mind, or challenge their spirit through a single course or a full degree.  Or educators willing to share their life experiences to help advance others. Perhaps the business seeking a difference-making workforce. And the valued Alumni who still believe that being a part of Saint Joseph’s College means being Involved for Life.  A future Saint Joseph’s College will need help both thoughtfully and financially to create a new institution that can thrive for another century or more.

And what will that future look like?

Many models are being considered, but one thing we have heard consistently is that the CORE approach to education was a differentiator for many who attended Saint Joe’s as well as many who hired Saint Joe graduates.  As such, applying CORE and the lessons learned over the 127 years that encompassed the first chapters of Saint Joe’s history to a future model is part of the challenge that The Phoenix Team and our supporters have accepted as we strive to create a future SJC.

Further, in April of 2018, a number of reccomendations were made to the Saint Joseph's College Board of Trustess by the Pheonix and the following directional guidance was given in our efforts to move forward:

  • The Board approved the Phoenix Team’s recommendation that the College adopt the model of a two-year program with partner institutions as the most feasible way to continue the mission of educating students as a first step to bring Saint Joseph’s College back into operation.

  • The Board approved the Phoenix Team’s recommendation that the College formally pursue a relationship with Marian University.  Saint Joseph’s College personnel and Marian University’s personnel will negotiate the details and present a proposal to both institutions’ Board of Trustees.

As Saint Joseph's College progresses in our efforts to renew itself, this page will continue to be updated with information about how that renewal may look.