Fr Barry FischerA Note from Fr. Barry Fischer, C.PP.S. - June 13th 2017

Dear Pumas,

The summer is fast passing us by and hopefully everyone has had the opportunity for some R & R. Here in Drexel and on the main campus, there is never a dull moment. I’d like to bring you up to date on some of the developments since I last communicated with you.

Phoenix Project:

As for the Phoenix Project, we move forward with meetings with different groups who might be interested in partnership. This week we will be meeting with the President and Provost of Calumet College of Saint Joseph and another meeting with Marian University in Indianapolis. We will be meeting with a representative of the Chamber of Commerce to program meetings with different business interests in and around Rensselaer. We will schedule meetings with four groups of business people over the next weeks.

Following each meeting, the team evaluates what was learned in those dialogues and evaluates how that feedback confirms us in the models that are being developed and how those models might be improved. In short, an ongoing project. Our hope is to have several different models for the new St. Joe developed by January. After that, they will be discussed with the Board of Trustees until one model is chosen.

A great deal of effort has been put into caring for the campus and assuring its safety. During these years of suspension, basic upkeep of the buildings and physical plant is necessary. Our facilities crew has been hard at work to keeping the campus looking good.

Liquidation of Assets:

One aspect that we have had to face is what to do with all the assets which we have on campus: what to keep for when we reopen in two years and what we can liquidate now in order to generate funds for the ongoing work to begin a new chapter in our SJC history.

We have enlisted the assistance of Hilco Fixture Finders, LLC in partnership with Eaton Hudson Inc., to sell off selected assets and memorabilia. We are arranging for a large number of items to be sold. However key assets that are core to the History of Saint Joe or will be critical to a successful restart are being retained and will be safely stored during the suspension of operations. Those key assets will not be available for resale.

All other items will be for sale to Alumni, Friends, and the General Public at the Hanson Recreation Center beginning Monday, August 14. Parking will be available via Drexel Parkway to the Fieldhouse on the days of sale. Hilco Fixture Finders will process all purchase transactions. Some items will have a fixed price, while others will be auctioned off. New items will be made available in this area on a regular basis.

We will provide opportunities to purchase items which are of specific interest to alumni via an online auction beginning at the end of August. If you have questions about specific items please direct your inquiries to

I realize that this can be a very emotional issue for all of us, but I also realize that it makes no sense to hold on to so many assets for the next two years that would then be unusable or obsolete if they just sit in storage for two years. The revenue generated now will help us provide for the operating expenses as we move forward.

Our Staff:

Since my last message to you, several of our dedicated workers have departed for other employments and soon we will be down to our skeleton crew. I would like to mention that the long-time assistant to several of our former Presidents, Sheila Hanewich, has found employment at another institution and her last day here in Drexel will be on Friday, the 18th of August. I am sure a greeting from you would be much appreciated.

Enjoy the rest of the summer. Blessings upon you and your families.

Fr. Barry
Puma Forever