Fr Barry FischerA Note from Fr. Barry Fischer, C.PP.S. - May 30th 2017

Dear Fellow Pumas,

It’s been a long journey since I graduated from SJC on June 1, 1969. I always remember what a classmate said to me that day, “Barry, have a good life!” I can honestly say, it has been a good life which has taken me to live in other cultures and countries around the world. As of May 2nd, I am back in the States and settling in on campus at SJC, forty-eight years later! I’ve come full circle.

Having been recruited to become Vice-President for Mission and Ministry with a starting date of July 1, 2017, obviously my new position has morphed into something quite different. As of May 13 I assumed my new mission as “Rector for St. Joseph’s College”. I realize that the task before me is enormous and daunting, I take up the challenge with hope that Saint Joe’s will rise from the ashes. Thus the name of the team I am forming: “Saint Joseph’s Phoenix Project”.

I would like to announce the names of the team I have put together so far. More will be added as we see the need for a certain expertise, for consultants, for team members in paid or in volunteer positions.

Rector Fr. Barry Fischer
Vice Pres. for Acad. Affairs Dr. Chad Pulver
Associate Vice Pres. for Acad. Affairs Dr. Tom Ryan
Core Coordinator Dr. Michael Nichols
Chief Financial Officer Spencer Conroy
Director of Grants Sandy McMullen
Office Manager Sheila Hanewich

We are already up and running as each day is precious and we have no time to waste if we would be ready to re-open perhaps as early as August 2018. It may take longer, but that we won’t know until we have examined different possibilities for what Saint Joseph’s might look like when we do come back.

That’s it for now. Keep us in your prayers and I promise to keep you updated as we move forward.

Fr. Barry Fischer, CPPS
A Puma Forever