SJC TT with InitialsSeptember 5th, 2018,


Dear SJC Alumni and Friends,

This morning at 10:00 EDT Marian University hosted a press conference announcing the creation of a new two-year college to open adjacent to the Indianapolis campus in the fall of 2019. The leadership of Marian University and Saint Joseph’s College have been in conversation for some time regarding our mutual desire to collaborate on this endeavor in some fashion.  We are working through the desired outcomes of our collaboration and articulating the spirit and substance of what each party will contribute to the two-year college.  It was determined that we would bring more positive attention to the potential of this dynamic collaboration through separate announcements. Be assured, there is tremendous progress being made toward this collaboration, and we remain confident our shared mission and past experiences can meld in some way to better serve students and the common good than we could possibly accomplish alone.

This is a perfect fit for the historical mission of Saint Joseph’s College, namely providing an education for those who may not otherwise have an opportunity for advanced education.  The Missionaries of the Precious Blood founded the college at the request of Bishop Dwenger because there was no Catholic college in the diocese.  Throughout its history, the college completely recreated itself several times to meet the needs of students, the Church and the area at the time.  We are in the midst of that process once again.

The two-year college model is not only innovative, it is revolutionary in its approach to making a college education available to an underserved population.  Like our unique CORE program, this new model has the potential to radically impact educational models as we move into the future and we are enthused to be involved from its inception.  What we learn from our involvement in this endeavor in Indianapolis will help us as we strive to re-animate our own campus in Rensselaer.

The Saint Joseph’s College Board of Trustees and the Phoenix Team are very excited about the two-year college.  We hope our excitement is contagious as it is a step in continuing and advancing Saint Joseph’s College, impacting students’ lives and securing its mission of education for all into the future.  Please join us in prayer for success for the two-year college, its future students and our participation.      

With appreciation for your support and prayers for the success of this endeavor, we remain

Rev. Larry J. Hemmelgarn, C.PP.S.                                        Rev. Barry Fischer, C.PP.S.

Chairman, SJC Board of Trustees                                          Rector, Saint Joseph’s College


[A full PDF copy of this statement including the Marian University press release can be downloaded here:]