Puma LogoA Message from Bill Hogan on Giving Tuesday:

Dear Pumas:

Progress is being made in bringing Saint Joseph’s College back for the 2019-20 academic year. Challenges have been here before, but Pumas fight through obstacles and carry on to brighter futures. In recent years, SJC students had to overcome 9/11, the death of faculty members, students and, of course, the reality of the February 3, 2017 suspension announcement. I was not physically here at that time, but still mourned like many other alums although we did not experience the intense pain of the current students, faculty and staff who bore the misery firsthand.

A consistent response from many alums in my 3 months of traveling was that if they had known how bad “things” were, they would have stepped up. Well, here is your opportunity to help as many of you and the former SJC Board of Trustees already have.

The cold reality is that if we do not engage in saving St. Joe’s now, it is likely gone forever. I cannot promise you that the eventual, new SJC will be exactly what you had hoped for, only that we need your support now to continue operating over the next 2 years to have a chance of a successful transition.

Didn’t St. Joe’s give you a chance? For some of us, no one else would.

The Phoenix team has thoroughly reviewed many proposals over the last several months, and those that fit the Mission and help us return in 2019-20 have moved forward for greater consideration. We are not permitted to provide much feedback on the proposals right now because of the confidentiality involved.

As you all know, time is of the essence to consider the tax advantages before January 1, 2018. Yes, by donating you will receive a tax deductible form similar to past years. Will you consider a donation now to support our efforts and a new Board of Trustees? Please “stretch” your donation as much as you can at this critical time by following the directions of the attached form and sending before December 31, 2017.

Alumni conversations have inspired me so far, and I hope to have more with many of you soon. SJC must recover and provide the type of graduates who will make a positive change in society.

The deep passion for what was learned here in Pumaville - the classes, the professors, the teams, the plays, the Homecomings, the Clubs, Little 500, Core XI, the band, the dorm parties, the Wagon Wheel, the friendships - were all special. Let’s continue the Puma Tradition for another 127 years and more by giving future Pumas a chance to be “Involved for Life.”

Please join me and other Pumas by participating in the “Giving Tuesday” celebration.


Bill Hogan
Vice President for Advancement of the Phoenix Project
Saint Joseph’s College